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About J.D. Luxe (The Brand)

With Mobile Retail trending, Jordana Fortaleza & Tyler Kenney have become two of the first pioneers in this innovative industry! These two young entrepreneurs have turned J.D. Luxe into Los Angeles’s Premiere Mobile Boutique and the go-to spot for shopping! Aspiring to launch their own lifestyle brand, they came up with a fabulous idea to create a fashion house on wheels. They wanted to expose their clothing line innovatively while providing a fun and unique shopping experience! The J.D. Luxe Brand is a vision of chic, edgy, and playful designs made for the modern fashionista and the occasional fashion-forward man. With Jordana’s background in design, Tyler’s architectural eye, and an additional help from Tyler’s father, an artist from New York,  an empty yellow 1976 electric truck was  transformed to the vibrant red J.D. Luxe Mobile Boutique! Every design detail in the truck was carefully thought out to make sure the truck itself was perfect and inviting for customers. The J.D. Luxe Mobile Boutique travels to lively destinations and events while having fun at the same time. Jordana Fortaleza and Tyler Kenney, the creators of J.D. Luxe (clothing line) & J.D. Luxe Mobile Boutique, are two people that want to expose a fresh kind of business to the industry,  a mobile boutique providing convenient shopping for their customers showcasing one of a kind pieces including trend-forward clothing from up and coming designers, to-die-for accessories  and their very own super soft but sexy J.D. Luxe clothing line. Catch the duo at a hot spot near you!

Jordana Fortaleza & Tyler Kenney (Owners)J.D. LUXE MOBILE BOUTIQUE

What do you get when you take a Los Angeles FIDM alumni and an International Poker Player from New York? You get J.D. Luxe! Although the match doesn’t seem like the ordinary Fashion bind, this duo is definitely taking the fashion industry into a new path! Jordana Fortaleza has worked in the fashion industry since the age of 18 working with some of the biggest Product Development firms and designers as a personal stylist, buyer, and brand ambassador. International Pro Poker Player, Tyler Kenney, has traveled the world such as the Bahamas, London, Italy, Spain just to name a few- winning some of the biggest tournaments. The pair met in legendary Las Vegas (who would’ve thought) while Tyler was playing the elite, “World Series of Poker”. With both having the love for fashion, fitness, travel, adventure, and creativity, it was love at first sight!  Jordana is business and design while Tyler is numbers and a creator. The modern day Yin and Yang!