7 bottom pieces to pair with tunic dress clothing

Posted on January 24 2016

Tunic dress clothing styles have roots in ancient history when they were worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans, by both men and women. Present-day tunics continue to evolve in terms of length, cut and styling(men don’t wear them as often). A tunic dress can vary from knee to ankle-length and usually provide a relaxed, airy, and feminine feel. One fact is certain, both past and present, tunic dresses are a wardrobe staple!

 Tunic Dress Fashion

 Tunic styles come in varieties of cuts, lengths and materials. With the exception of a long tunic dress, which can be worn simply by itself, it’s sometimes best to pair your tunic with another article of clothing. Most of the bottom pieces that we suggest are already sitting in your closet waiting for you!


 Tunic Dress Clothing
For jeans, avoid the flared or boyfriend cuts and go for a straight-cut style or skinny jean. This will bring out the natural definition of your legs and allow the tunic to shine, flare, you name it! A relaxed style of pants might clash with the flowiness of your ensemble.


Tunic Dress  JD LUXE

Jeggings, as obvious as it sounds, is a combination of jeans and leggings. It is made from very stretchable jean fabric with a denim look and it fits like a legging. So scientific! Jeggings are typically worn with shorter tunics


   Tunic Dress Fashion

Bear in mind that leggings are not pants. Make sure that the tunic or tunic dress you wear provides sufficient coverage for your hips and butt. For taller ladies, you can opt for a longer tunic dress that will drape sufficiently. Leggings are a go-to choice because they are breathable and come in different colors, designs and patterns.



Same case with leggings, the tunic or tunic dress should at least reach your mid-thigh when you pair it with tights. Nude tights are a great way to ensure there will be no clashing with the colors of your tunic top.


 Tunic Dress Clothing

Dress Pants
Dress pants in khaki, black, brown or gray tones will definitely go with any color of tunic top you have. When selecting pants, look for the slim cut or straight leg ones.


 Tunic Dress Fashion

A blouse-styled tunic goes well with a pencil skirt or any other style skirt that is body-hugging or close-fitting. Snugger tunic-shirts can be paired with  A-line skirts that fit well by the hips and flares out by the knees. Overly stylized skirts should be avoided if you want the attention to be on your tunic.



When selecting a pair of shorts to style with a tunic, choose the length of the shorts accordingly. If the shorts do not extend past the length of the tunic top it will create an illusion that you are not wearing anything underneath. You can always opt to wear shorter shorts and still be prepared in the occurrence of a Marilyn.
Tunic Dress Fashion


In choosing the right pairing for your tunic top and bottom, always consider the outfit appropriate for the occasion. Shorts are leaning on the relaxed and casual spectrum, tunic tops paired with dress pants or skirts are more professional,  and tunic dresses paired with leggings or tights are seen as formal or business casual.

Good luck with styling and pairing your own tunic dress clothing. Keep in mind that there is always room for creativity. Consider the overall appearance of the look to project your personality and style.


Tunic Dress  JD LUXE






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