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Posted on November 14 2016

Lace chokers, gold chokers, velvet chokers, there's one thing certain... Chokers are EVERYTHING right now! Choker necklaces can be worn with so many different outfits. There are so many different variations, you can wear a choker necklace for a date night, or pair with many different options of party dresses.



A choker necklace keeps the attention on your face. While you are conversing with someone they can still look you in the eyes and admire the stone or lace choker around your neck without scanning your entire being. Choker necklaces are here to stay; they are easy to wear and can be classy, sexy, and mysterious.

Let's get into our first choker necklace, the ELSA CHOKER by Vanessa Mooney. 


Los Angeles designer Vanessa Mooney is a trailblazer in the choker necklace resurgence. Vanessa Mooney specializes in ALL choker necklaces from lace chokers, stone chokers, all the way to gold chokers for more formal wear. The ELSA CHOKER is one of our favorites. It features 5 ruby stones, herkimer diamonds, and 3 layers of gold chain. This gold choker necklace is classy, dainty, and sparkly. Wear it with a date night dress or with a holiday dress for special occasions. It is truly a one of a kind necklace.


The next Vanessa money choker necklace is the ZOE CHAIN BOLO necklace.


This gold choker is a necklace hybrid. You can let the ends drape along your body for a bolo vibe or you can wrap the necklace as many times as you desire and create the skull choker necklace of your dreams. This bolo choker necklace is bad ass and can be worn with your favorite Rocker Tee rocker tee or add a little bit of edge to a date night romper or dress. Skull heads with tassels at the ends add extra oomph.

If you're looking for some pearls. The Madison Pearl Choker Necklace is Class-E.


Pair this pearl choker necklace with holiday dresses and New Years dresses alike. Its middle stone creates a little edge for a classy statement necklace. Pair this pearl choker necklace with holiday dresses and New Years dresses alike.


And if you're looking for something a little more relaxed you can go for a LACE choker or VELVET choker necklace.

These choker necklaces are comfortable to wear, stretch well, and can be worn for most any everyday occasion. Wear a lace choker or velvet choker to an artwalk, farmers market, or lunch out with close friends. At the same time velvet and lace chokers add appeal to many date night dresses and rompers. They are soooo easy to style(I feel like I'm running in circles but it's so true).


You've made it this far and I have something to admit, the person writing this blog is a MAN(insert austin powers thats a man baby) and I don't forsee wearing any choker necklaces in the future. But as an admirer I can say please women, wear chokers, not only are they bad ass, they are sexy, cool, the icing on the cake to so many different complete outfits.



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